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Lonely Cowboy Lonely Cowboy

Rated 5 / 5 stars 4 days ago

Awesome lil test, brother. Really nice sounding harmonica. That come as a soundfont????

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sorohanro responds:

Harmonica comes as Kontakt, EXS24 and SFZ. here's a link:

Leader of Tyranny Leader of Tyranny

Rated 5 / 5 stars 9 days ago

Awezome. Congrats on FP ;)

Metallica1136 responds:

I GOT FRONT PAGE? HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! Wow!! Thanks for checking it out btw. Man, I'm so happy I finally got featured, I've been waiting since 2011! Haha :) i appreciate whoever it was that featured it.

Stage Magic Stage Magic

Rated 5 / 5 stars 2 weeks ago

Awesome work, very easy on my brain. haha. Excellent stuff. Love your music.

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LunyAlex responds:

That means a lot! Thank you kindly!

The Deal The Deal

Rated 5 / 5 stars 2 weeks ago

Nice work. Song sounds great. Congrats on front page! Upload more. Also, I wonder if it would be cool if I could play this on my radio show?

PM me any info you would like said about your band or where you want listeners sent to find more of your music. :)

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Bdlsito responds:

Thanks a lot man :D I'll be uploading more content, in the following weeks, YEEEHEAA you can share our song in the Radio that'd be awesome, you can link people to this newgrounds account or to our Facebook page provided in my description, we'll be sharing everything there ^_^ thanks a bunch, nothing makes us happier than being listened too :D

Beast Within w Vocals Beast Within w Vocals

Rated 5 / 5 stars 2 weeks ago

Awesome. Playin on the radio show, if rad with you guys. :)

Metaljonus responds:

Go for it dude! Play whatever I don't care lol I'm sure he would'nt mind.

Undo Undo

Rated 5 / 5 stars 2 weeks ago

Fucking killer. Kudos brother. Her voice is HOT.

Dimoria responds:

Thanks bro! :)

Evolution Part 3 (Rough WiP) Evolution Part 3 (Rough WiP)

Rated 5 / 5 stars 1 month ago

Awesome, mang!! Still no guitfiddle yet! damn. Nice base work, love the groove this fucker has. Can't wait for the full version! Cheers mang!

Metallica1136 responds:

Thanks dude! I should have the full version recorded pretty soon hopefully :) I still have my guitar, and can play it. It's just that the strings are worn out, and I'm stuck with my crappy Jackson pickups.

Timewave Zero cover Timewave Zero cover

Rated 5 / 5 stars 1 month ago

Killer mang. Love the sound of those drums. Foooking heavy as fuck! Nice job all around, brother. Awesome.

InYourDreams responds:

Thanks Bad-Man! Glad u like it. I asked Metaljonus to do the growling and the soli, but he noobed out :D... lol... Nah, the solo is a fucking pain in the ass... Nobody can do it, but Per Nilsson himself. I should had chosen an easyer song T_T

Freedom Freedom

Rated 5 / 5 stars 1 month ago

Man, time constraints are a bitch. I know all about them. I'm a dad of 3, married, full time job, radio show and a band! Luckily, I figured a lot of my issues out, prior to having 0 time. haha.

If I could offer up some handy advice, it would be:

The reason for all these overlapping sounds is panning. Pan Pan Pan. Pan your rhythm guitars hard all the way left and right. Play it twice too.

For example: Record your rhythm...pan it all the way right. Mute it, record a new rhythm track, pan it all the way left. Then your leads won't walk all over your rhythms, and sit beautifully in the center. You'll have way less overlapping business in the center. And if you pan some leads, slightly left and right, you have room for multi layers of leads for harmonies etc..without drowning out your rhythm tracks.

Otherwise, some excellent ideas going on here. dig it.

Cheers mang.

johnnyq1233 responds:

Thanks for the much appreciated advice!
As I do more playing/learning the Zoom I am stumbling on all kinds of little things that make you go WOW and some that make you go what?
It's such a time consuming task and with driving up 11 hours a day, I have little left of anything!
But I will still grab my guitar, bass or drumsticks and play/record. There is nothing more wasted then an idea that falls to the wayside and never is heard!
Thanks again!

nefarious nefarious

Rated 5 / 5 stars March 19, 2014

Awesome. I also did what the hidden message told me to.
Hope they don't catch me.
So different mang. nice work, haha. Very haunting and great subject matter.

jambrother2 responds:

thanks :) i was a bit worried about posting this on here because its obviously a bit controversial and i didn't want to go stirring shit and creating haters, but then i remembered how many people have died at the hands of religion and thought, if people like that want to hate me, il let them. religion is built on hate anyway :p thanks again friend