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killer creepy stuff as usual. love it.

Eerie and awesome. Dug it a ton.

karismaticprik responds:

Thanks appreciate the review


Fuckin honored to have my tune in such a badass flash. Nice man.

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haha, cool

Dig shootin stuff. Especially covenant. Nice for a first flash! And thanks for using one of my tunes. \m/

denose2003 responds:

Ha, I'm honored. <3

Thanks dude!

Really good song.

Cool Game

Cool game, man. Graphics were sweet. Speed of the background was also pretty cool. Thank you for using my music. I found it a tad loud, and being one of my older recordings, there was bad clipping. I've started going through my old loops and cleaning them up a little. I'm posting them on my alt account, here:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/107112
If you were interested. Also, if you ever need custom music for your stuff, feel free to give me a pm.

Cool game man, I'd say equip the plane with defensive shooting abilities, but it was a passenger airline, so it was pretty cool man.

Good game, and thanks again for usin the tunes!\m/

demoninabottle responds:

Thanks. Yeah, but I kind of needed that particular loop because I wanted to keep the file size to a minimum.


You have a few spelling errors, but as fucking around goes...this was my story on the first go. hahaha Stink Digit.

One day, when Bad Man was flying his Train, his Train beeped, signaling that it was runing low on fuel, so Bad Man landed on the nearest planet, planet Shitonia. Which was inhabited by Shitty Shitmonkey's, so Bad Man got out his trusty cannon and proceded onto the surface of planet Shitonia, as he walked away from his Train, he saw a Shitty Shitmonkey, he faced his cannon at the Shitty Shitmonkey and shot it in the stinkdigit. The Shitmonkey fell to the ground, with blood pouring out of it's stinkdigit, Bad Man bent over to the dead Shitmonkey and searched its corps for anything that his Train could use for fule. But sadly, no such luck, there was no fule, but as Bad Man stood back up, he turned around, and he saw a group of Shitty Shitmonkey, now he regreted shooting the Shitmonkey in the stinkdigit, because now all the Shitty Shitmonkey's where Sad, and they ran after him. Bad Man was bashed to a bloody pulp with Sword's, and was then fed to the king of planet Shitonia. The End (wasnt that a happy ending)

Made me laugh. Thanks.

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Dig very muchly. Welcome back. :)


TheRealSam responds:

Damn man it's been so long!!! Glad to see that you're still around and kicking :D Glad to be back! ^^ Thanks a lot for the kind words!

\m/ \m/

Very cool, brother.

sorohanro responds:

Thanks. We should do some stuff together.

Rad tune brother. Nice work all around! different style of vocals all over, was pretty fucking entertaining. I found the synth or whatever it was kind of distracting through the faster bits, but it was perfect through the "I reject..deflect bits". Anyways, super cool tune..\m/

Pure-Metal-UTA responds:

Hey thanks man! Great to hear from you again! I'll keep those synths in mind in my future projects!

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Dude, this is killer work!! My band is super excited! Awesome awesome shit. If we can ever return the favor somehow...let us know!

This one is cool.

Kinda looks like a christmas bell with an angel on top. Except the angel has an evil face. And to me, that is cool as fuck. haha.

Great stuff, man.

Chronamut responds:

I was gonna give the angel star-eyes but it looked distracting as fuck - so I decided the faceless look was better - I like how it turned out :)

thanks for the review hunny bun! :P



Those are awesome man. I let my inner nerd out this year and carved a darth vader one. I'll put the pic up on my FB page at somepoint. :)

These are fucking awesome.

Chronamut responds:

sweeeet :P

also it's all one pumpkin - I just showed the 3 sides hehehe :P

we rock at pumpkins :)

thanks for the review hun!


Hey fuckers. Eat My Metal.

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