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Before it All Ends. Before it All Ends.

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Dude, this is killer work!! My band is super excited! Awesome awesome shit. If we can ever return the favor somehow...let us know!

Cosmic Angel Cosmic Angel

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This one is cool.

Kinda looks like a christmas bell with an angel on top. Except the angel has an evil face. And to me, that is cool as fuck. haha.

Great stuff, man.

Chronamut responds:

I was gonna give the angel star-eyes but it looked distracting as fuck - so I decided the faceless look was better - I like how it turned out :)

thanks for the review hunny bun! :P


Mutant Strawberry Clock Mutant Strawberry Clock

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Those are awesome man. I let my inner nerd out this year and carved a darth vader one. I'll put the pic up on my FB page at somepoint. :)

These are fucking awesome.

Chronamut responds:

sweeeet :P

also it's all one pumpkin - I just showed the 3 sides hehehe :P

we rock at pumpkins :)

thanks for the review hun!


Cosmic Space Station Cosmic Space Station

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I dig this one a lot. It's got a bit more of an evil undertone to me.
I like that.
Your space background is better as well.

Nice man.

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Chronamut responds:

space bg was a pain to do but it turned out ok hehe :P

glad you like it man - and you know us - we're all about the evil here on newrounds - prolly one reason I like you so much.. well.. one of the reasons.. keeheehee.. :P

thanks for the review!


Mihai Sorohan album cover Mihai Sorohan album cover

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I'm glad you kept the trousers on.

I really dug this the first time I seen it.
Awesome work. ;)
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Citrina responds:

I disagree, he's got a very nice bottom, worth showing ;)

Cosmic Star Flower Cosmic Star Flower

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Yep, its a good one. Wife uses it on her laptop as a bg.
Looks like it takes a bit of time to make these.
I'll have to put up some of my art one day.

Cool stuffings, dude.

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Chronamut responds:

wow really? That's kickass!

I made it big enuff to fit most people's desktops..

and yes it does take a bit of time to make these :)

put up some of your art sexy ;)

thanks for the review Bad-Man! <3