Thank You!

2014-02-10 13:22:13 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

There is something I'd like to say to all the awesome musicians and music lovers on newgrounds. Thank You.

Your constant support and feedback has brought me to a great place in my life, musically.  Where most of you know me as a metalhead, I have another side. I have talked about scoring movies in the past and due to extenuating circumstances, out of my control, I just ended up providing a few songs for the flick.  (Which is still AWESOME). Today my good friend and director/writer/actor announced this on his blog:

So there is a bit of personal information there, but I don't think I can really separate from that, anymore.  haha. 

Anyways, this particular path I'm on is only because I hit up newgrounds, in 2005.  Newgrounds provided me with the opportunity to share and grow as a musician.  Without Newgrounds and the friends and connections I've made here, I likely would have kept my guitar in a closet, forever.  From the bottom of my darkest pit of a heart... Thank you, motherfuckers! \m/  


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2014-02-10 14:21:06

Congrats, man! I'll have to check out The Shelter when it comes out. I'm expecting no less than an Oscar nomination for best original soundtrack!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Tall order! haha..but not gonna stop me from trying. ;)


2014-02-10 14:49:35

Congrats man! You're awesome, and I'll continue to support you \m/

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Cheers mang! appreciated!


2014-02-10 15:19:48

right on d00d. you've got your foot in there now!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks mang, here's hoping I can deliver! haha.


2014-02-10 17:16:00

No problem man, glad I introduced you to the NG Audio Portal, haha. You've gone a lot farther than I have man, more fans, more tunes, opportunities... fuck. Guess I don't have that much talent after all, might as well go back to stocking shelves... :P

(Updated ) Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Negative have a shit pile more talent...and you were my first contact here...inspired the hell out of me. I guess it isn't really "what you know", it seems it's "who you know" contact was made through my film reviews website. but...if I can go further with you all know me....and ive been trying like hell to pass the exposure around!!


2014-02-10 19:08:13

you're da man, man! you, and the rest of the olde gang, were the ones who made me feel all warm and welcome around here in the first place. and if it wasn't for you guys, my music may never have developed. at least, it would definitely not be what it is today. i want you to know that. you deserve all the good shit heading your way! and no matter how things turn out in the end, we fuckers will always stand tall together! \m/

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

We are FUCKERS! haha. Cheers mang! I'm glad I could help man. I received so much, returning it feels great.

I'm really hoping this opens more doors musically, and going to be awesome experience for our radio show. My co host has a degree in film. haha. I have a degree in watching movies...that is it...but to have some experience working in them, speaks volumes. We are going to continue our radio show, continue to play newgrounders music as long as humanly possible.


2014-02-10 22:19:44

Congrats man! I logged in at a good time tonight (drunkenly and randomly).

Thank you for all the positive reinforcement and criticism you've given me through the years. I spend all my time now working my ass off for my band. Which, long story short, I landed a spot in due to Newgrounds. (Also, thanks for those drumkit samples you emailed me all those years ago. Kept me going ;D)

My music and creative outlet kept me going through rough times as a high school student that was forced to move away from his friends.

So despite everyone that has kept you going, and high fiving you along the way, don't ever forget that you have made the same impression on others. Keep doing what you love!

Thank you \m/

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Cheers mang. How's the band doing? Got anything you want us to play on our radio show???
I'm in a real band as well, again, wouldn't have been there, without this venue to shape and steer me. I really think newgrounds is very useful for all the artists here. I see very little hate, lots of encouragement, collabs, you name it.

Cheers mang, glad to see you around!!


2014-02-11 02:04:31


Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

thanks mang


2014-02-11 08:26:26

You deserve it bro! We all need to thank you, too. :)

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

rock on, brother!!


2014-02-11 20:27:27

I emailed u yesterday, bad man.. hope for a reply. :)

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

email sent back.


2014-02-12 13:33:41

Never stop rockin' mate!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Will try. Turn 40 this year. got lots left..haha