Band C.D.'s

2014-03-22 14:32:25 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

After a year in post production, (basically raising the funds to have them mastered and then packaged) My band, The Stars Of Fiction's hard copies of our album "Before It All Ends" have finally arrived.  HUUUUGE thanks to for our album artwork!  HELLLUVAJOB! You can download our digital album here for $7 or just listen free:


Snag the RAAD artwork here Here is a shot of our c.d.'s1339196_139551297223_n.jpg



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2014-03-31 18:37:19

told ya you would end up selling music eventually HAHA
been looking up to you since i was that stupid little kid with the bad english, your stuff got me into studying music and im still trying to make my own songs by myself, its good to see you got that far(may not look like its that much up there, but down here cds and concerts are a pretty big deal)
anyways, congratulations on all that badass stuff you got going on and as soon as i get into college ill make sure to listen to all the stuff i missed HAHA

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Awe, thanks KUP!! I'm very happy to have given other people some drive and passion!!
I doubt you were a stupid little kid and hope you stay in touch. I'll always be around here!

Cheers for the VERY kind words!!
I must admit, the live shows are suuuuuuper fun!!


2014-04-04 03:57:56

Where can I buy the CD? Just gave the whole ting a listen and Stomper is my fav! I'd prefer a physical CD so just askin.