Dread Central Feature!!

2014-09-27 20:50:12 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

I've been shirking my duties from Newgrounds lately...but....for those that don't know, I'm scoring my first movie and we're ALMOST there!! Man, has it been surreal! I can't wait to complete it!!   It was a HUGE gear switch, for me and my music creation, but...yeah.  Here is an update on the movie from Dread Central:




And from the Director himself:




Thanks to all you fuckers for you CONSTANT support!


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2014-09-28 17:09:25

Helll yeeaa


2014-11-18 17:51:26

bad man, if you don't mind a question, you being a long time newground musician, how do you feel about these new soundcloud artists and how common internet shared music has become?

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

I don't mind at all!

I think, it is important, to make real music. To make sure, commercialized, gross, mindless meaning songs, still have to compete with someone or something.

I think it even more important to share it. For the love of music. To inspire everyone, to give people something more than what they are force fed 50 x a day on the radio...

I think it is SUPER important to explore and support these musicians too...even donate to their cause, if able.

Most of my "songs" are free, because even though I'm not the greatest musician on earth, people like to hear the things I draw from my mind. That should never have a price. (prices only come with requests...) haha.

Hope that answered your questions. :)


2014-11-18 18:51:01

it certainly does
how much would an extreme awesome badass #swag 360 no scope mlg version of broken cost? HAHAHA
im kidding, there are actually many other songs i could request, do you even remember Dependance?

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Haha, I do remember! I meant like custom requests. remaking old songs is fun. lol.
But that could still happen. Although I'm pretty happy about broken...I'll have to write another one that hits ya right in the heart/soul/brain. haha.


2014-11-20 02:38:16

You know i'm always supporting your crazy ass LOL. Get with me man I'm thinking you and I should do the Metallica cover we keep talking about. Unforgiven 3? what are your thoughts?