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Finally, it is done!!

Falling To Pieces is the album title. It is about the decay of society, how we are killing earth, ourselves, each other, etc...and don't even know it. We are our own worst joke at times.

I've released all the songs on newgrounds one at a time, some lower quality, some different than the album version.

However, here is the ALBUM VERSION free to download. Includes front and back covers, song listing etc.

The lyrics page artwork was done by a newgrounder GAZ-METAL which happens to be Gorebastard's brother. Thanks VERY much. Fits the decay of society theme on SOOO many levels.

Also thanks to Dimoria for letting me include Romantic Insanity on the album, which features his instrumental.

Thanks newgrounds for all the support!

Here is your free album. :)

Bad Man Incorporated Album Release

Tomorrow night (October 1st ) marks the first live radio broadcast of a side project "Film Reviews From The Basement" We've been a podcast for a year, and have upgraded.

We are reviewing the movies:

The Disappearance of Alice Creed.

We'll be playing music from

Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit
Shinedown - Diamond eyes

and from newgrounds:

┬žArbiter┬ž - Path of Heroism
Metalcan - Desert Rose

You can catch the show live on at 10pm-11pm pacific standard. Please tune in if you can. The majority of the music I pick will be from newgrounds. My co-host picks more commercial stuff, but out of 2 or 3 selections each, per episode, mine will be from NG.

I'll post the selections every Thursday here: 93805. If I remember and send a PM to the selected artists as well.

If you want your music played on the show, sign up and say "yes" here:

http://bad-man-incorporated.newgrounds .com/news/post/512208

We've been doing the podcast since last January and you can listen to old episodes here:


Thanks Newgrounds, you fuckers rock.

Get your music on the RADIO!

2010-08-28 16:37:54 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

Hey folks!

Starting October 1st a friend and I will be taking our podcast to radio. Now it is LOCAL university radio station, but is also streaming on the web. (I'll give you the addy later in the post)

We've been given a one hour time slot on Friday nights 10 -11 pm pacific standard time.(due to the often graphic nature of our program).
Our podcast is quite simply, movie reviews. But not mainstream movies. B and C movies. (I'll give you the addy of that shortly)

During our show, we WILL be taking musical breaks. Between 4-6 songs per show, depending on length. So not a lot. But, exposure is exposure.

The production manager of the radio station is ok with me playing music from newgrounds. The only thing he asks is that I have exclusive permission from the artist. Just replying to this post saying you are cool with it, is good enough for him.

Obviously, I will be mentioning the artist and where to find their music and a mini bio if I can. If you are ok with me playing your music (when I can) please reply here. Also, if you want other things mentioned like myspace etc. let me know.

Now like I said, we won't be playing a lot of music. But the option to play yours would be awesome.

Exposure for you is payback for how awesome this site has been for me and my music.

It's not a ton of exposure, but it is some. The university is fairly large, and the radio station can be reached by 90000 people with it's small transmitter. But it is also streaming on the web, so the potential is great.

Anyways, the radio station is

What our program is, is here: eviewsfromthebasement

Confirmed guests so far this season are:

John Fallon Actor, stuntman, and horror critic for

And Leah Cairns actress on the series Battlestar Galactica, and been in movies like 88 Minutes with Al Pacino, etc.

And hopefully Tom Fulp. :) He might be to much stardom for us to handle tho.

Anyways its a small start for us, and some free exposure for you. :)

Thanks for checking it out!

Here's another album track. Dimoria of Newgrounds wrote the music and I hijacked it and layed some vocals. Thanks to Dimoria for letting me group this in with my "Album".

Romantic Insanity

Dimoria also has a version of this posted on his page with a different title. Listen to his badass music and tribute to Sarah Chalke haha.


Heres a new album track, since the last one was already heard on newgrounds.:

Disposable Breed

Enjoy fuckers.

Another Album song up. The title track. Not because it's the best, but because it is what the album stands for.

IFalling To Pieces

Anyways, all the songs with the clown explosion as their symbol are the album songs.
You can put them together in anyway you want. I did up that picture a while ago, and used it on another site as my avatar, so now there are a few versions of it floating around. But that is cool. The original idea for it was mine(as far as I know) haha.

When I'm finished uploading them all, I put a link to album cover and track list is it will be on the C.D.
You can build your own, for free.

Enjoy, suckas.
The next song coming is one of my favorites, so stay tuned. \m/

Album Song 2!! Please Forgive My Sins

2010-04-29 00:22:52 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

Track 2 of "album" is up.

Enjoy. /328960

Well, seeing as I don't "need" extra money, I've decided to give up trying to be a rock star. haha.
Real life has hit a nice spot, and generosity should be shared.

If you don't like heavy metal, well damnit, hope you'll convert!!

I'll be releasing the 13 album songs on newgrounds, for newgrounders.
My music was always just a hobby anyways. I'll probably release 1 song every couple weeks.

Hope you fuckers enjoy. Just want to spread the tunes. Thanks for the listens!

Click here for track 1. Instrumental. /324978

So whether you noticed or not, I've been away from Newgrounds. I've been dealing with some pretty personal shit that was also effecting my "demeanor" I had to pull the plug for a bit, and get shit straightened out. Which I've now flushed down the motherfuckin toilet of life.

Album update.

Obviously going slower than I hoped, but it will be this year. I'm 9 songs in on a 13 song album. I guess I could probably release at 9, but I want to hit that magical and unlucky 13. I have one teaser song still on ,Newgrounds, but the album version is a bit different. I had decided on the chorus I want and updated it for the album.

I also put a couple "feelers" out on AudioJungle to see what kind of feedback they would get there. Audiojungle prices the songs according to what THEY want and they went a bit high for me. But it is what it is. I will leave them there anyways. ($12 per song) Wow, I know.
I wasn't planning on selling the album for more than $8. However, I will be releasing the album there and I-tunes, and TomFulp willing, here.

Here is the link to there, you can still preview the song without purchasing, but it is watermarked. corporated/portfolio

I'll be uploading the odd jingle here as well. My first 2010 upload was a remake of Black Sabbath's Paranoid. Check here: /316635

And I " PARTOOK" in some vocals on a Dimoria song, which he uploaded and you can listen to new an improved vocals here: /309264

Also check the rest of his shit. His band shit rules and his singles are phenomenal.

Glad to be back NG's. Hope you dig my contributions.

So, I said I was going to be musically away from newgrounds for a while. I didn't let on why. So the reason why is:
I'm trying to complete a 13 song album. YAY!

Here I am, Stuck on song 4.


Right now I have a rough copy, mix, and voxed up song for #4 on the album. The notes are a bit off from time to time, as I"m just messing with melodies still. Where I'm stuck is, on the chorus melody, and would love some feed back.

So far I have two different chorus melodies. One at 0:57 and the other at 2:00.
Here is the song: /281082

Thanks for the help NG.<3