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Yes, some more brutal music and vocals, brought to you by FarCryDX and Bad Man Incorporated

All about the joys of dying and being embalmed and then entombed.

Enjoy the song: " Open My Tomb"

New Collab!

2008-04-06 16:25:25 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

Got to help out another musician with the vox on a tune.
Known as XxCowMeatxX

Go here to hear it, and go to this link to see the rest of his stuff!

Sepultura Cover!

2008-03-18 02:15:57 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

I got to help out a bunch of kick ass musicians who call themselves "Project God Mode". Seriously, they kick motherfucking ass.
They did an instrumental cover of Sepultura's "Propaganda", and I got to sit in, on vocals.

Dig it HERE!

WHOA! I'm an Audio Mod!?

2008-02-17 20:06:14 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

I'm going to RULE in hell. And I'm taking all you motherfuckers with me. :D

Editing existing posts

2007-11-30 16:43:08 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

I think its funny, now that I can change the original post of this, but I keep your comments about the old one. Before long, no one will know or give a fuck what the original even was. I think I might do that with all my posts. That way, you all look like idiots, and I remain cool.



So, I've enlisted the help of a flash artist to help...well finish my hopefully he'll be able to work on it.

Anyways, even if it doesn't make halloween...I hope you will enjoy it. I'll post a news thing when done. I hope we can get the same support for that as, for my music.
Billy-Bean Is the flash dude. Thanks a hell of a lot, man!!GOod luck!

Well, just respond by tellin me shit. Random..crap..I don't care. Kinda like an anything thing..."open forum" type bullshit. Tell me why you are fuckin warped, or that you scratch your ass too much.