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2013-12-03 18:18:50 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

My band, The Stars of Fiction, are proud to announce the "for sale" release of our album, " Before It All Ends..".  Which was finished almost a year ago.  We've been waiting for ....i dunno. The end? haha.

The album and songs are not free.  As this isn't just Bad Man Incorporated, although, it is me on the vox!.   There were also 3 other dudes, involved in all this insane work, studio time and away from our families and stuff.  What a rad experience.  But the best news, is that we are in the studio again, working on a whole new record!

You can check out snippets on youtube:



And buy here:


2013-11-23 02:10:35 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

My band, The Stars of Fiction, are opening for NINJASPY, tomorrow night!!!

Just thought I'd share.

Also, post if you want me to play your songs on my motherfucking radio show

Merry Christmas, fellow Newgrounders! Hope 2012 was prosperous for all of you!! It was good to me, setting up what will be a life changing 2013.

In 2012, my radio show took off. We have world wide reception. I put YOUR songs on my show, to share some exposure. This practice will continue, for AS LONG AS i do the show. We have had interest syndication, but are waiting for the right deal, that will allow the crazy antics and music I play from here, before we jump on a deal.

I will be scoring the movie "Billy Trigger". Awesome. Found out I will be involved in another film 2013 as well. I may see what kind of talent I could recruit from here, as well.

My Band, The Stars of Fiction, has opened the gates to our album. Not for sale, just yet, but you can preview the motherfucker here in two parts: /the-stars-of-fiction-before-it AND /the-stars-of-fiction-before
...and for those that are expecting "Bad Man" style metal, you won't find it there. This band is strongly influenced by Kyuss, Soundgarden, S.O.A.D, and others. Most of the music existed before I joined. I joined, added vocal melody and lyrics etc. So is a different feel from my Account here, but I'm sure you will like it. We have ONE song on Newgrounds, as well, for free download. :)

Anyways, with all that is happening, I would like to thank Newgrounds for all the support I receive here, and for your fucking badass music for my radio show!! Stay tuned Newgrounds, I'll be calling on you some more in 2013!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, to all you motherfuckers! \m/

I shit you not. While doing our horror film festival we made a lot of connections. One so connection suggested that he'd like to use my music in one of his films. I guessed a song or two etc...I wasn't wrong.

He asked if I would write a "Lounge" style song for a scene. Yeah, piano and vocals. For a chick to sing. How the FUCK was I supposed to do that?? Metalhead. Lounge song!? But I did. He liked it, so much in fact, he asked if I would be interested in scoring his entire movie. I know what this means. I possess the tools, but again, this stretches me so far out of my comfort zone, it is insane.

I don't really see me as a "film score" type of guy. Especially when I consider this site to possess some of the most talented people I've ever heard, in that style of music! I look up to so many of you. AND now I am doing everything that I can to expose you fuckers in this field. Here's how:

My radio show starts up again in a week or so, and with that, I'll again be exposing newgrounders' to the airwaves. Pimping your shit to anyone that will listen. (Our show reaches approximately 20000 people per episode, including our new "connections" in the "B" movie industry)

In previous seasons I've played a lot of metal from Newgrounds. Plus a few other genres. Rock, hip hop, dubstep..etc. After our season opener, I'm going to try to shift my focus as much as I can, to ambient, cinematic styled music whenever I can.
So put your name on this post if you want your tunes heard on my show.

As for the film I'll be scoring, I can't divulge too much detail yet, as my contract hasn't quite been locked in. (Waiting for SOCAN) But I can tell you, that a pretty well known actor is locked in, (some 200 movies). So if this is my shot, then I'm taking it. AND I'll be trying to drag out some of you motherfuckers in this process. haha.

Cheers Newgrounds for being so awesome and providing me with the strength to get to where I am today.

Proud to announce that my band : the Stars of Fiction are 99% done in the studio. As a milestone marker, we are releasing this teaser single, fresh from the studio:


The album is called "Before it all Ends"

Not my normal heavy metal that newgrounders are used to, but an incredibly cool project to be part of. Also featuring the album art of fellow newgrounder: SeventhTower . Thanks so much to him! Check his motherfuckin shit out.

Enjoy fuckers\m/

Teaser Single from my band!

Bad Man and Dark Fest.

2012-03-12 11:14:50 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

So, our Dark Fest went off without a hitch. It was awesome, we had John Fallon come out and party with us all weekend. Man that motherfucker was a good time. We also had the director of the movie Skew come out and party too!!! Also a kickass motherfucker.

Was a surreal weekend. And one we will continue to do every year.

That said, some fantastic news on top of a ridiculous weekend!!! With all the connections we were able to make this weekend, yours truly, was asked if I might be able to write a possible soundtrack C.D. for an upcoming action movie!!!!!!

Can't give too many deets at this point, but this is what it is all about. Dream stuff. Fuck.

These connections, are the same people that are also getting exposed to all you newgrounders' music, every radio show, as well. I hope I can bring some of this good fortune to you fuckers too.

Our radio season draws to an end at the end of March, to resume in October. And again, we'll be looking for people to expose!!!!!!!

Thanks as always, to the wicked fuckers of newgrounds for all the support, love and advice. You fucks rule like crazy!

So, many Newgrounders know that I have a side project where I co-host a radio show/ podcast called Film Reviews From The Basement.

We review movies, but run it radio show style, and play music. 99% of the music I play, comes directly from Newgrounds!

That said, our show has evolved into a lot more than just a fun thing to do. We've had directors and writers contact us and send us screener's of their movies, just to hear what we think! That is pretty cool. Which means they listen to the show, and likely hear YOUR music!

That said, we decided to join up and branch off of our local film society, and host a wee little festival ourselves! The movies aren't 100% finalized yet and are subject to change in the next week or so. But we have locked down 3 for sure.

The festival is called "Dark Fest". We have John Fallon, John Fallon confirmed to come hang out with us and show his movie Deaden, at the festival. Totally Confirmed!! A privilege.

This will be our inaugural festival ish thing, and hopefully we can make it bigger, badder, and scarier each year that passes.

AND super Thanks Newgrounds, for letting me EXPOSE you (r) music!!! LOL. I'll be hitting you up more!!

Here are a couple radio styled ads I made!

I think next year, if I have more advanced time, I will host a contest here, for some radio spot ads and stuff. That would be cool.

Here's the link:

A musicians quest.

2011-12-19 13:01:42 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

Every musician loves to make music. It's in our minds, hearts and part of our very soul. Music is the best way to convey almost any feeling, but at its best, reveals your deepest ones.

We start with a feeling
We then start humming a melody
We develop a feel
We attempt to transpose for others to consume.

The journey is riddled with work. From learning new components to your musicianship, to finding instruments that best convey what you want others to hear of your creation.

Then it is fine tuned, over and over and over and over...etc.
Then it is changed, as you work on it, develops and encompasses the feelings you have while making it, intertwined with the feelings that started the whole process, to begin with.

You get better instruments, better sounds, better software and strive to make it sound the best that you can. However it turns out, you can be assured that, the quest never really ends.

As a "metal" musician, the main quest is "tone". I was lucky and over the last couple of years was able to bypass my quest for tone. It was achieved. This provided a unique ability to simply, create and let my most inner self out through my "instrument". haha.

Sadly, I must re enter the never ending "quest" for tone. For now.

Of all the searching, it was found in my Line 6 pod x3. Countless hours of tweaking, shaping, etc pretty much exploded. That explosion not only contained popped resistors and melted motherboards, but ended up smearing and splattering my inner most thoughts and feelings, all over the walls too.

In short, and without the drama:

My pod died. And I'm a broke ass nugga. No new music from the badman, until I can replace it. I have no idea how long that will take.

Maybe I'll make techno or dubstep. I think I have fruity loops kicking around. LOL

Merry Christmas, fuckers.

Get your Music on the RADIO again!

2011-10-06 20:56:19 by Bad-Man-Incorporated



I has a radio show.
This season, starting October 7th...we will be running from 10-11pm pacific standard time.

Technically, I don't require your permission, as you've uploaded your music here royalty free...but I would rather have it. With that, I can choose two songs per episode. I will also post on Newgrounds, who was played, as well as a permanent record is kept at the station. You can view that by going to the radio station's website. By saying YES, on this'll be scouted by myself and co-host.

We are looking for energetic songs. We would like 2-5 minutes in length ish...but not necessary. At least 2 minutes minimum.

I still have some artists to go through from last post I did like this, and most likely missed a lot that I intended to play. But this freshens up the poool! Jump on in!!!

You can catch the live show here:

or an edited podcast version (still containing your music) here:

and here:


It is a film review show that is now receiving up to 20000 views per episode, and that will only increase with this season's line up of interviews. To mention a couple: (writer of the music for Friday the 13th, The Swamp Thing and about 100 more)

There are more awesome interviews as well...;)

Thanks for being a part of this. :)


If I use your music, I'll send you a PM letting you know when and where, plus if you want me to mention any other links other than NEWGROUNDS. (Like there is any other place on the net) ((other than prOn)). haha.

New Band

2011-09-13 20:30:26 by Bad-Man-Incorporated

Hey guys.

Just wanted to let you know, why I've been so quiet musically, lately....

I recently joined a band. Guys who live to play live, so I've been busting my ass to make sure my contribution is as solid as theirs.

My only job, really, is to find vocal melodies to their already existing music, put lyrics to it and sing. :)

It isn't the metal style of music newgrounds is used to hearing from me, but that is ok. Still the same vocals. haha.

The band is influenced by a lot of different rock bands. Kyuss, soundgarden, lamb of god, the list goes on...very diverse.

Anyways, we started an account here, because why not? Thought we'd share some tunes with you!

Here is a link to our band "The Stars Of Fiction"

Hope you enjoy hope to see you fuckers, live, one day